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Our Crazy Story

Nel & Momo was born from a pretty normal friendship...
But, very soon became an INSANE MENTAL-ILLNESS CRAZY DUO! 
It started like this:
 Momo was once at the same school as Win (it's Nel's brother). 
One day, Win invited Momo to his house for a romantic date 😏 
(NAAAHHH JUST KIDDING!! I mean... well. Uhumm.)
Here's the real version:
 He invited Momo to meet his sister Nel.
Because from the first day,
Win felt that Momo had the same quirky personality as Nel.
Today, they not only have the same personality...
They also share the same home and bed now.
But tbh Momo was so fat !
Nel had to actually throw her in the thrash.
As a result, Momo now sleeps in Nel's family couch. (True story)
And that's not it yet.
Momo is number 1 favorite child for Win and Nel's parents,
She now has the balls to serve her growling tummy from Win and Nel's refrigerator (even when they aren't home).
Win really hate that fact. (and it's not even him who is writing those lines)
And to this day, Momo is now living nearly everyday with Win and Nel's family.
Let us bring you into our crazy adventures together!
"Laughter, madness, humor, sister love, crazy stories and delirium" are coming your way!
Sit tight, relax, take some chips and enjoy the ride!

Nel and Momo (and Win).

TikTok / Instagram: @NelandMomo 

P.S: Don't forget to buy your t-shirts / hoodies and stuff. They feel like crazy! #Facts.